Are you inside out?

Dr. TonyNSA

It seems that every day we’re finding out more about the human brain and body. For example, according to quantum physics, did you know that our bodies appear and disappear at such a high frequency that we seem completely solid?

Brain waves have been studied for many years now with the advent of the EEG or Electro Encephalograph. This means that our brains actually oscillate at various frequencies, just like our hearts and other organs.

Different frequencies are associated with different characteristics such as states of consciousness. Brain waves occur as information is transmitted between our inner and outer worlds.

Alpha brain waves are associated with slower, highly organized brain activity. When we are in alpha, our inner world becomes more real than the outer world.

With Beta brain waves, there is a tendency to believe the outer world is more real than our inner world. With low Beta activity, we are relaxed and paying attention to what’s going on around us. In mid-range Beta activity, we pay more attention to the outer world, like when we’re driving or listening to the teacher more closely to hear what will be on the test. High level Beta brain activity occurs when we’re in survival or emergency mode.

So it stands to reason that when we’re stressed, we will try to find a solution outside of ourselves because at that time, the outer world is more real to us.

If you have an antagonistic relationship with your body, where if you feel a symptom and you get stressed or frustrated, your brain will switch to high Beta activity and you’ll lose connection with your inner world and all of your healing resources.

Part of NeuroStructural care at the Happy Spine is to help you develop the habit of turning your focus from the outer world to the inner world. The inner world is where you’ll find more resources, more energy and more healing solutions.

Setting the stage
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