Are you ready?

Dr. TonyNSA

Karen was in this past week for her regular visit. She noted that she was coming towards the end of her initial phase of care and that she felt like the reason that she had come in for, pain in her hips, hadn’t gotten much better. In fact, she remarked, her hips were hurting more lately.

I had been noticing from visit to visit that her nervous system had been getting healthier and recovering from a history of high-level stress.

I explained to her that her experience is quite normal and that I’m not surprised that her hips had been hurting more lately.

When people first come to the clinic, they typically have some sort of symptoms that they are hoping will go away with NeuroStructural care. And we’re looking to help improve the health of their nervous system and body alignment, the underlying reason for the symptoms.

Before the structural alignment, tensions and symptoms can change, the nervous system has to heal. If your body is stuck in survival mode, your body can’t change. It’s stuck in high gear and needs to be able to shift down. This is what the initial phase of care is for.

But once the nervous system heals and is more balanced, that’s when symptoms tend to become more noticeable. Not only is the body ready for change then, it is calling for it.

So if you think about symptoms the way many people do, you may start to lose trust in us and think that “this is not working”. However this is the exact time when your body is ready to shift and change out of the patterns that bind you.

And if you think about it, it makes sense that this shift would be more uncomfortable. Think about how your body feels if it’s stuck in one position for a few minutes to hours. Now think about how it will feel to be shifting out of tension patterns that you’ve been holding for years.

I’m looking forward to helping Karen break through to the other side!

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