Change your focus, change your life

Dr. TonyNSA

Sometimes the moment you think you know what’s real, life shows you another possibility. Do you think your thoughts are real? Do you think your feelings are real? How can you know for sure?

There are people, diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder (DID), who have two or more distinct personalities. They will switch from one personality to another. Not only do they switch personalities. There are also documented cases of people with DID that as they switch from one personality to another, their symptoms change. One personality that is allergic to orange, after drinking orange juice will develop hives all over their body. While their allergic reaction is happening, if they switch to another personality that is not allergic to orange, the hives will disappear even if they had just drunken the orange juice.

Another example of changing personalities is watching talented actors. I enjoy watching any actor that can transform themselves in how they look, move, talk and how they use their body, to the point where I forget they are the actor and they’re actually the person that they are portraying. And I am drawn into the story. I connect with them and can feel with them.

It makes me think that our experience of life is not as solid or concrete as we may think. It is more malleable than we may realize. And if we can learn to focus differently, with a different energy, if we can learn to breathe and move and hold tension in our bodies differently, then maybe we can change our physiology, our outlook and we can learn to be in alignment with life and our life purpose. We can heal.

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