Why nothing ever changes

Dr. Tony NSA

This is my 25th year as a Doctor of Chiropractic! In those 25 years I have not seen it all, but I’ve seen enough to know that how you feel about symptoms will largely affect your body’s ability to get back on track or to make progress.

For example, if you get upset when you feel a symptom and you can’t accept that it’s happening, chances are you will either turn that “upset” onto yourself with negative self-talk or you will project it onto someone or something else. This can become such an unconscious habit that it can become entrenched in your bodymind and very difficult to change.

If you really want to move through this and change it, then you’re going to want to acknowledge the different parts of your body. You want to acknowledge the areas that work so well that you take them for granted as well as the areas of your body that “give you problems”. Those areas that we don’t like, because they “act up” or inconvenience us are the areas that we get upset about.

These different parts of the body will hold polarity. Some areas will feel good while others will feel bad. Some areas we don’t have a problem with while others can drive us nuts! This polarity exists as tension but it also exists as two ends of a magnet, a plus and a minus. Because of this, they hold each other in place not allowing us to change.

A state of polarity is often accompanied by a similar state of consciousness. Good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, black vs. white, and there is no space for nuance or complexity.

The key to helping the body heal and thusly to eliminate the need for symptoms, is not in eliminating polarity. Polarity is a basic characteristic of life. We will never eliminate polarity from our human experience. After all, polarity can be a powerful force for progress. Without polarity, things like social injustice could not be overcome.

The key to healing is to not be bound or controlled by polarity. When someone is bound by polarity, they are easily triggered and consequently controlled. For example, media of all kinds uses polarity to get you upset about something so it can then tell you what to think about it. A life lived in polarity is less likely to bring fulfillment, peace or happiness. We continue to repeat the same patterns and feel stuck because of polarity.

Coming up on June 8th, Dr. Joe and I will be holding our Summer Workshop, both live in the office and online. So you can choose how you’d like to join us. We will be teaching exercises on how to work with polarity that’s in our bodies to turn it into rocket fuel for progress in our lives!

Stay tuned for details!

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